Areas of Practice

Insurance Litigation Attorneys


When you encounter life-changing events, insurance companies can either help you on the path to recovery or hurt you by underpaying or denying your claim. It is in your best interest to talk to a lawyer before talking to an insurance agent or investigator. Insurance agencies want to settle for the least amount possible, so any information you give them may cause your claim to be denied later.

Consulting a law firm with insurance litigation experience is the key to ensuring that you receive what is owed to you.

The experienced insurance litigation attorneys at Merrill, Merrill, Mathews, and Allen have a reputation for not backing down to even the largest insurance companies. Our focus is on our clients and what their individual needs are. We promise to do everything we can to ensure that you receive fair compensation.

At Merrill, Merrill, Mathews, and Allen, we represent people and businesses throughout Alabama in all types of insurance coverage disputes, including:
  • Denied insurance claims
  • Underpaid insurance claims
  • Wind/hail damage insurance claims
  • Water damage insurance claims
  • Fire insurance claims
  • Disability insurance claims
  • Business interruption claims

In each of these types of cases, our insurance litigation attorneys combine aggressive representation and attentive, responsive client service. We know that insurance companies have teams of adjusters, lawyers and other individuals who will go to great lengths to delay or deny your claim. Insurance companies know that if they employ these tactics, some people will simply give up. When thousands of people simply give up, insurance companies reap the benefits to their bottom lines.


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