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Trucking Accident Lawyers


Trucking accidents can be incredibly traumatic, and you may wonder who to trust if you’re the victim of such a collision. Thetrucking accident lawyers at Merrill, Merrill, Mathews, and Allen have a long history of defending victims, explaining to them the legal process and tirelessly pursuing justice on their behalf.

Cases involving Commercial Motor Vehicles are more complex than other motor vehicle accidents. The term “Commercial Motor Vehicle”  includes  eighteen-wheelers, dump trucks, box trucks, freightliners, bucket trucks and a vast array of other large vehicles. While these types of trucks are a common sight on Alabama roadways, they present uncommon dangers to other drivers on the road. With less visibility and a slower braking response, they have a more limited ability to avoid accidents. Also, an 18 wheeler can weigh up to ten tons and, when colliding with a car weighing 1-2 tons, can cause significant damage.


There are many federal and state regulations that govern trucking operations. These regulations require regular safety inspections, speed monitoring, alcohol, drug and cell phone regulations, driver certification requirements, and numerous other aspects of safe truck operation.

Knowing what  to look for and how to obtain the information is very important in trucking cases.  The trucking accident lawyers at Merrill, Merrill, Mathews, and Allen are qualified to determine which of the following actions are required immediately after a commercial motor vehicle collision:

  • Examine the black box that records truck speeds and brake applications
  • Investigate truck driver activities recorded on GPS systems
  • Review drivers’ log books and federally-required records of pre-trip and post-trip inspections.
  • Obtain reciepts, bills of lading, orders and other documentation of the load
  • Acquire driving histories, drug and alcohol tests
  • Subpoena vehicle maintenance records
  • Secure photos, statements and police reports
  • Obtain toll tags, records and vehicle weight tickets
  • Examine pay stubs and work records
  • Take measurements of skid marks, vehicle damage and the scene

​Typical  factors leading to commercial motor vehicle collisions include:

  • Driver fatigue due to long hours
  • The use of alcohol, over-the-counter and/or illegal drugs
  • Failure to maintain a proper lookout
  • Failure to secure a load resulting in a lost load or spillage
  • Overloading the vehicle
  • Failure to properly maintain the vehicle braking system
  • Speeding
  • Reckless or grossly negligent driving
  • Irresponsible hiring or retaining of negligent, careless or reckless drivers
  • Underinflation of tires
  • Failure to properly train drivers and/or loaders
  • Violation of the Federal Hours of Service Rules


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